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Dental Veneers can completely change your smile's aesthetics with little effort in just two visits.


Dr. Sharp experience

In the field of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Bruno Sharp is certainly one of the most reliable and competent experts that try to always be updated on restorative and aesthetic techniques.
Dr. Bruno Sharp and his team only offer high-end veneer treatment for long-lasting work. We use the most innovative techniques to change the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and give you a dazzling smile.
Fast Results
Dental veneers have fast results, unlike other cosmetic procedures like braces.
Stain Resistant
We specialize in installing porcelain veneers in Miami that are more resistant to stains than natural teeth.
Corrects Many Aesthetic Concerns
We offer a comfortable, customizable and economical solution capable of treating a number of aesthetic defects to restore a natural smile.
Call us at (305) 857-0990
Call us at
(305) 857-0990

Get A Perfect Mouth with Dental Veneers!

Dental veneers are used in the aesthetic restoration operations of teeth. They are applied if your teeth have undergone structural alterations of the enamel, are resistant to dental whitening techniques, or have undergone morphological alterations or mal-positions.
With the dental veneers treatment at Sharp Dentistry & Associates, there is the possibility of taking advantage of an innovative method that makes the smile beautiful to see and the teeth brighter and healthier without necessarily having to resort to more invasive interventions. In addition, our veneer treatment is particularly effective and useful for correcting tooth spacing or certain chewing problems.

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Get ready to modify your smile with one of the most reliable aesthetic dentistry treatments, i.e., dental veneers, capable of offering maximum durability and reliability over time for always shining teeth.
Call us at (305) 857-0990
Call us at
(305) 857-0990

How much does a Dental Veneer Cost?

If you want to change the shape or color of your teeth without resorting to crowns or dental implants, veneers are an economical, quick, and long-lasting solution.
Dental veneers cost between $1,500 to $2,500 per tooth, depending on the specialist experience. By choosing Sharp Dentistry & Associates, you can also save up to nearly 40% on your veneers cost in Miami while benefiting from top-of-the-range care.

Your best choice for dental veneer

When I have a tooth problem, Dr Sharp is the first person I call. Someone I know introduced me to him at first. To top it all off, I tried to schedule an appointment, but they were all booked up for the next two months. But after hearing mixed opinions from my pals, I opted to hold off. Moreover, it was worth it. Since then, he's been cleaning my teeth.
Amro Z.
When I go there, everything goes smoothly, and they are quick, and on schedule, so it's a fantastic experience overall. All of the dentists and support staff are top-notch. It's a brand-new workplace, incredibly streamlined and clean. They consistently manage to put me at ease.
Michael Kako
We highly recommend Dr Sharp's dentistry clinic. This is a great place to get dental work done; I've been here twice already for bonding and a gum lift, and I felt comfortable both times. The place is adorable. The whole crew, led by Dr Sharp, is dedicated to your well-being and comfort. I'm relieved that I made the right decision to get my work done here.
Jack Morell

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